Favorite character in Yu-Gi-Oh Gx?

I haven’t really watched GX so I don’t have one yet. The only episodes of it I’ve seen are the two from the dub with the duel against Dimitri because I wanted to see his Yugi impression. Which turned out to be his Atem impression and was rather hilarious. XD

Do you just feel nostalgic watching yugioh back in the day when I had the biggest crush on Atem and Kaiba back when yugioh was everywhere back when yugioh was epic good times

Unfortunately I don’t have any nostalgic feelings about it because I didn’t actually watch it when it first aired. I had heard about it but wasn’t really interested because I didn’t think a card game anime sounded very interesting. That was a pretty stupid decision on my part. ^^;

I really wish I had been a part of the fandom back then though. It must have been a pretty interesting time when everyone was watching and didn’t know what would happen next!



I shouldn’t be laughing, but can you imagine Yami flying around inside the puzzle screaming at Jou to stop xD




I shouldn’t be laughing, but can you imagine Yami flying around inside the puzzle screaming at Jou to stop xD






just watched concrete try and fail to fit into this napkin holder for the past five minutes, now he’s just been standing with his front paws in it looking mad and tired



are you kidding

you named your fucking cat concrete

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these are too damn depressing to even reblog omg ;_; but they needed to be posted, thank you <3

They really are. I’m almost as depressed now as I was during the Yugi/Jounouchi duel. ;_;






OMG, I just can’t with this scene. Malik calls him his brother and it’s just all Rishid wanted to hear and just….. Rishiiiiiiiiiiiiiid… ;_;

No, okay, this is one of my favorite scenes in the entire DM anime.

Rishid has constantly been compared to and pitted against his younger brother. He’s been told over and over again that he will never amount to anything, that he is “disposable”, and the one chance he had to maybe getting accepted by his father was taken away from him when Marik was born.

In spite of that, Rishid managed to hold it together. As near as I can tell, Rishid never once allows those emotions to guide his actions around Marik. He definitely probably feels some resentment and anger, as well as misery (because he’s human), and yet he never once snaps or lashes out at Marik. You want to talk about having “the patience of Job”? This is the man who coined that phrase.

So when Rishid is eventually pushed to his breaking point, loses his temper, and finally lashes out, it’s Marik of all people who sees that anger. He understands that pain and reaches out to him the same way his mother did long ago (he even does the exact same gesture that their mother had just before she died). Not only does Marik forgive him for that anger, he apologizes for the pain he’s putting Rishid through.

He even takes it a step further by acknowledging Rishid as his family, the way his father won’t, just like his mother did for him while she was alive, and that….that’s…

those aren’t tears in my eyes it’s a peanut okay i just have really strong feels for this scene

Oh God yes, I agree so much with all of this. You couldn’t have put it more beautifully. And I especially really love the parallels between Malik and his mother and how they reach out to Rishid in this moment, both doing it while they’re lying in bed. But unlike last time Rishid is able to touch him and hang on and it’s from this point onwards that he’s determined to never let him go. ;_;

You guys are so right. In fact, I wonder if on a certain level, the relationship between Marik and Rishid mirrors that of Yugi and Joey. Probably not, but I’m thinking about how the two of them don’t want to put intentionally put the other through any emotional turmoil, and how (for Rishid), he would sacrifice anything to keep marik from receiving the initiation. I don’t know, but I know fer certain that their relationship is just as deep as Joey/Yugi’s

I think it might in a way. You’re right, it definitely goes to a deep level just like Jou’s and Yugi’s does. And this scene here is pretty much for Rishid what Yugi standing up to Ushio was for Jounouchi. Walls were broken down in both cases and Jou and Rishid saw these boys in a way that they hadn’t quite before. I think Rishid probably did care for Malik before this and enjoyed his company, but there was still some resentment lurking under the surface that he was keeping surpressed. With Malik’s compassion and love for him though that all goes right out the window and he becomes truly devoted, not just out of duty but because he loves Malik too and wants to be a true brother to him. And the fact that Yugi was brave enough to stand up for two guys who had been bullying him and even call them his friends when they weren’t really was a major turning point for Jou too and showed him the kind of person Yugi truly was, someone that he could admire and wanted to get to know and came to care deeply for.

cypsiman2 replied to your photoset “Oh Rishid… He carved his own face up just so he could show his…”

Rishid probably did have to get Ishizu to do the carving; god, I can’t imagine how that conversation must have gone.

Oh geez, it probably would have been the world’s worst and most awkward conversation. Poor Ishizu… one brother was already being carved up and another one asks her to do the same to him. :\



Rishid had to have already known what the answer would be and yet it still didn’t stop him from asking anyway to try and protect Malik. I guess maybe a part of him was hoping that Mr. Ishtar would care enough about his son’s feelings to change his mind and spare him from going through the ritual but sadly that isn’t the case. :(

Also, I can’t help but wonder what those books on the shelf behind him are. A history of the Tomb Guardians maybe? Or maybe they’re books from Ancient Egypt that were passed down?

Hey, anyone ever wonder how different this would all be if Marik/Ishizu’s mother had lived? Or even if it had been their father that had died? I don’t know how big of a difference that would have made on the story as a whole, but you know…some things could have been better…

I’ve been wondering what would have happened if his mother had still been alive and I think that probably would have made a difference. She’s a much kinder person and perhaps it’s possible that she would have been able to help Malik with his fears about the ritual since she knows about it and she probably could have talked to him about it. Maybe he wouldn’t have been so afraid then and would have had an easier time with accepting his duty instead of coming to hate it and holding in all that fear and anger inside him for so long.

this-wreckage replied to your photoset “Oh no, please don’t start making that face. ;_; Your father. That…”

that last line gave me the chills hardcore. “Who do I hate for this?”

It’s even more disturbing when his voice changes as he says it. Just… He’s just a kid and he shouldn’t be talking already about hating like that. ;_;

If it's the most popular character in yugioh it have to be Atem :3



He’s definitely pretty popular too! A lot of people love him, but it still kind of seems to me that Kaiba and Bakura have more fans. It’s really pretty hard to tell who has the most without some kind of universal poll or solid numbers though. But I’d love for Atem to be the most popular since he’s my own favorite. :)

Maybe it’s just tumblr, the people i follow, or the current state of the fandom, IDK but I’ve seen a lot less love for Atem lately!

and I promise I’m not just saying that because I want Kaiba to be number 1 lol infact I want him to myself >:(

It’s hard to say exactly, but Atem, Bakura and Kaiba are totally the top 3 fandom favs I’m sure n_n

Yeah, I’ve definitely been seeing a lot more talk about Kaiba lately but maybe that’s just because I happened to end up following a lot of Kaiba fans. Maybe I should talk about Atem more. Like I haven’t done enough of that already. ^^;



Wow… His wife is dying from childbirth and he just goes “Well done! Okay bye.”

And Rishid is holding onto little Ishizu’s hand the whole time, taking care of her and he reaches out to the only mother he’s ever known to try and touch her one last time… Whyyyyy…. ;_;

What really hurts me the most is this could of been prevented - this actually wouldn’t of happened  f they weren’t so extremely closed off from the modern world T_T HAD A DOCTOR IN THERE FOR FUCK SAKE—The rules are to stay in the tomb, they aren’t allowed to leave the tomb as  this is apart of their beliefs as followers of the pharaoh,away from  civilization- guarding the items. There isn’t proper medical attention to pregnant mama ishtar, her body is being put through a lot giving birth in those conditions AND SHE finally does  DIE when she has her second child —I’m just so —aaaahhh having ishizu was already very risky on her body- so this wasn’t ever going to be a happy moment of yay new sibling! Papa ishtar , who reinforces these strict rules does not care and he fucking walks away. He caused his wife to fucking die just because of his extremist beliefs. He just wanted her to carry a son like she was some shell and when she did he had no more use of her. I doubt  he loved her at all really and it’s shown how he walks away happily because his ritual can’t be put on hold anymore.

When she dies the only light in that tomb was burned out that day.They were left with a goddamn  controlling abuser. (That has no problem trying to kill Rishid in the manga, rest in fucking pieces papa ishtar)

NO IM FUCKIGN SCREAMING  because this —didn’t have to happen —Rishid….gaah *hugs laptop as I continue to overreact about yugioh*

Yeah, that’s really the most tragic part of it. :\ She was the one who saved Rishid and truly gave him a home and the one who cared about her children, and now without her there things just get much worse. I had been wondering if they could have at least had a midwife there for the birth or something since there are some other people down there as well, but maybe not. Also that doesn’t look like a very comfortable place to do it. It’s not even really a bed, it looks like they pretty much just draped some sheets over a stone slab….

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Baby Ishizu looks so happy to be alive and I hate how her father just disregards her as worthless

Yeah, that’s just… ugh. :( She was such a cute baby though and she grew up to be a strong woman too.

All of the Odion appreciation posts! ALL OF THEEEEEM!!!! :D <3

The poor guy needs so much more appreciation than he gets so I’m happy to provide some! I liked his devotion to Marik in the dub but omg it’s just even more overwhelmingly sad now and I just want to give him a big hug for everything he’s gone through.

Oh Rishid… He carved his own face up just so he could show his devotion and so Malik wouldn’t feel quite so alone. Why doesn’t this guy get more appreciation again?!

Oh no, please don’t start making that face. ;_;

Your father. That will always be the answer. He’s the one who did this to you, who considered his duty to be far more important than your pain and feelings.